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Save time and money by using a removal lift

Manoeuvring bulky furniture up and down narrow staircases, lugging heavy boxes up to the fourth floor - these challenges create unnecessary hold-ups during any move. To save time and money, IDEAL has been using modern furniture lifts for years. Using a secure, external hoist from a window or balcony to the removal van below has proved to be an excellent solution. IDEAL therefore recommends that you take advantage of our modern lift technology and trained staff.

Our lifts' extended length of 26 metresmeans that they can effortlessly reach even the highest floors. A load-bearing capacity of up to 250 kg saves you having to disassemble your furniture, which can wear it out.

Even large cupboards, sofa units and heavy kitchen and office furniture can be quickly and safely moved. You can rely completely on the expert design and operation of our lifts.

We particularly recommend that you hire our lifting equipment by the hour or by the day for large office removals. Our specialist staff first examine how well suited the building's facade is for a lift and offer you professional advice on an individual basis. In addition to our lift, we are happy to provide you with a complete removal quote which includes all the services you need at a reasonable, all-inclusive price.

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