Your overseas relocation package

For globetrotters: an overseas move!

More and more often, global thinking also involves moving to a different continent. But a move like this can present its own particular challenges, so a 'do it yourself' approach will only get you so far. You would be far better advised to leave it to the professionals from the very beginning. IDEAL has been moving its customers overseas for decades and has gained a wealth of experience as an overseas agent. Our reliable network of local partner companies functions across the globe.

When moving abroad, the available freight space should be used to its fullest advantage. Our trained packing staff have this down to a fine art, making your move as compact and inexpensive as possible.

All shipping containers have a fixed capacity. We therefore give you a reliable estimate of the space available beforehand, making your decisions about those essential and non-essential items easier for you.

We organise a combination of the best carriers and the most up-to-date haulage systems based on your individual needs. Based on our positive experience, we often use overseas shipping containers which measure 20 or 40 feet, freight containers or lift vans. Our friendly, specialist staff then take care of international shipping, customs clearance and unloading for you. Of course, your items are also insured through us.

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