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Whether it's a move or general sorting, there is often furniture, items or files that take up space that could be better used elsewhere - or for which there is no space at all. Through our professional storage service, we offer you a secure and climate-controlled solution for storage. Whether short-term or long-term storage - you decide flexibly and according to your needs how long you would like to use our storage service. In doing so, we always offer you the most cost-effective option: depending on the volume, small individual storage by storage lift or also extensive storage in a storage container are available to you.

With a capacity of fifteen cubic metres, any number of storage lifts can be individually loaded and climate-controlled stored. . This means that your furniture, inventory or files are reliably protected from moisture or manual damage. The stackable storage lifts are stored with us protected from the weather for a monthly storage fee. For more space, we provide you with our storage containers with a capacity of 30 cubic metres.

No matter which solution you choose: Your belongings are in IDEAL hands with us.

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