Our storage service

In case you need storage during your removal

Sometimes modern life makes storing furniture and household items essential. To help you make the most flexible decisions, we offer excellent value long or short term storage options. Depending on your needs, you can choose between small, individual lift storage compartments or a larger storage volume using storage containers. This means that IDEAL can accommodate all your moving and storage needs.

With a capacity of fifteen cubic metres, you can fill and store as many individual, small storage compartments as you like in an air-conditioned environment while you carry out the various stages of your move. The furniture on your inventory will then be protected from damp and damage.

For a monthly storage fee, we store the sealable storage compartments, which are protected from the elements. Meanwhile, you have time to find a new home for everything without worrying about time pressure.

Secure storage in storage containers is particularly recommended if you are moving abroad. The generous capacity of up to 30 cubic metres allows you to store all your household belongings safely. The containers, which are reinforced on all sides, provide your precious storage items with the highest level of protection.

Our expertly-trained and experienced staff are responsible for storing goods so that they are easily transportable. For a monthly charge, you can also take advantage of this storage service for as long as you like.

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