Your move to Cologne

Cologne is a city worth moving to!

Make the most of a city that seems to have a livelier spirit than almost any other. You might almost think that, with enough good local cheer, the hectic process of moving home would almost take care of itself. But to make completely sure, you should always rely on the professionals like us for your move to or from Cologne. IDEAL offers you a tried and tested removal service in Cologne.

You know the drawbacks of city living such as lack of parking space, narrow roads and old apartment buildings with their rabbit-warren layouts? So do we, and so we have honed ourmoving tricks to perfection over the years in Cologne.

With our insider knowledge, we know everything there is to know about efficient packing, loading, transportation and unloading, so that all your belongings find their way to you safe and sound, allowing you to enjoy your new place from the very beginning.

Our trained staff respect your requests and react quickly and flexibly to any situations or challenges that arise. Space and building design permitting, we use modern external lifts of course. This protects your furniture, while the time saved when moving in works out very economically for you. We will gladly put together an individual quote for you.

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