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Perfect for those seeking adventure: a move to Canada!

The second largest country in the world simply has everything everything a nature-lover could wish for: unspoiled scenery filled with dense forests, countless lakes and amazing wildlife. Most people live in the urban areas clustered around Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, or in Canada's other large cities. No matter where you choose to settle, using our services puts your move to Canada in the hands of the experts. We fromIDEAL and our partner removal companies in Canada have decades of experience in this area. You can trust us completely as an overseas agent.

In Canada, a popular immigration destination, two languages are used: English and French. This does not make official procedures any easier when relocating, but we are used to this.

You can therefore rely on your precious personal items being shipped, clearing customs and being taken to your desired destination quickly and without being damaged.

Of course, we provide you with advice beforehand so that you can realistically achieve all the plans you have organised and decisions you have made.

Moving to Canada does not simply involve having your belongings professionally packed into a sturdy sea freight container. Overland transport in Canada can sometimes prove a real challenge, so you should always rely on a businesslike company such as IDEAL as our local, reliable and friendly employees know what matters. We leave you free to make sure that you get off to a good start in Canada.

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