Planning a move, orga­ni­zing and packing moving boxes - a move in­volves many tasks. We will ac­com­pany you step by step on the way to your new home and take care of most tasks com­petent­ly and re­liably. So that you can quick­ly re­lax in your new home.

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Whether highly sensitive customer data or sensitive technology - a company move involves special challenges and a lot of planning. It is our concern to make your move as uncomplicated as possible and with as little downtime as possible, so that you can quickly be back at your customers' service.

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A move is often parti­cular­ly challeng­ing for seniors. Both phy­si­cal and orga­ni­za­tional re­quire­ments are stress­ful and nerve-racking. We are familiar with all the special features of a senior citizen's move and will ac­company you pro­fessio­nally to your new oasis of well-being.

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To the summer house on the Me­di­terra­ne­an, the ski lodge in Switz­er­land or di­rec­tly over­seas - as an ex­peri­enc­ed re­moval company for inter­natio­nal and over­seas moves, we know all the re­quire­ments to realize your dream of a new home abroad. For de­cades we have been ac­compa­ny­ing custo­mers as a re­cogni­zed over­seas avgent.

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There is not enough space in your new a­part­ment, yet there are some things you do not want to se­pe­rate from? The com­pany do­cuments take up too much space and should be re­loca­ted? In our sto­rage lifts your be­longings are safe and air-con­di­tion­ed.

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To make your move as relaxed as possible, we offer you a reliable all-round service. No matter if you want to move within the city, to other European countries or overseas - we are your competent partner. We will accompany you from the organization, through the careful packing and labeling of your boxes, to the application for permits to cordon off your new home. Because you certainly have more important things to do right now!
We take your individual wishes and the special challenges of the local conditions into account. Wherever possible, the use of outdoor elevators is naturally part of our service - for the benefit of your furniture and in terms of a fast and cost-saving move.
Experienced in all technical and official requirements, we will be happy to advise you in advance and prepare a tailor-made offer.

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